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In 2019, The Creatress Summit started as a small celebratory event for SM Media Enterprise, now known as Creatress Co. During its first year, the Creatress Summit ran as a free, 1-day event that was live-streamed on Facebook. It included 3 speakers, all Black Women, who shared their expertise and set the bar high for the Summits that followed. 

In 2020, as founder/creator Saidah Murphy began planning for the next summit, she was working for a marketing company that hosted conferences as well. A common complaint that she heard was that the speaker lineup at these events wasn't diverse. When asked her opinion, she agreed with the complaints but was told that nothing could really be done about it because there weren't enough Black Women or Women of Color who were experts in the industries that were represented at conferences. 

Saidah was offended by this because she worked and collaborated with Women in these industries every day. She used that "excuse" as fuel to build what The Creatress Summit has now become- a safe space that uplifts and highlights Black Women (and women of color) experts in Business, Marketing, Content Creation, and more. 

Today, The Creatress Summit has grown to a 3-day in-person business conference designed to support and uplift Black Womxn in Business. 

The Creatress Summit will take place November 4-6, in Detroit, MI.

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